Art Glass Tiles…

P1150370So I’ve got a bathroom remodel in progress. Pretty exciting stuff here in the old homestead. This project is long overdue and is my first adventure in creating art tiles. Most of the tub area will be done with white subway tiles but I fused some really lovely glass in greens and blues and dichroic glass too. I fused larger sized tiles about 8″x 8″ and then had them cut for me into 1″ x 1″, 1″ x 2″ and 2″ x2″ pieces. They were cut using a waterjet cutter, which uses water to cut perfect pieces. And they looked amazing. A waterjet cutter can cut pretty much any kind of material and in just about any shape. Super cool machine. All of the tiles were then fire polished to round up the edges. They look great.

To get them ready for installation I ordered some mesh from Maryland Mosaics and used silicone caulk/glue to glue the pieces to the mesh. This will make installation a lot easier. The tiles were layed out as I’d like to see them on the walls and the installer will then cut them in 6″ or so lengths to adhere them to the wall. I’ll post pictures of the finished tile job as soon as possible. It’s a very exciting project. Can’t wait for my sink to be installed, yes I made that too…


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    Thanks. They have been installed. I had pictures in my presentation. They just weren’t the best pictures…I’m working on more tile samples as we speak. Well, I guess the kiln is actually doing the work right now.

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