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Patricia Frantz bead

Patricia Frantz bead

I look around and I’m sure you look around the internets for interesting information about glass. Is there anything else? No. So I’m going to give you suggestions of some other blogs you may want to check out to learn about what other glass people are writing about. I’ve done this before with some bead makers…this time it’s across the board glass interests. Let’s start over at Frantz Art Glass. I mentioned them the other day as a supplier that will be at The Best Bead Show in Tucson. They have a blog and they talk about the classes they have scheduled as well as what’s new in their store. A good place to wander over to. Frantz is one of the best suppliers of glass and tools and equipment around.

Next try out Masters Glass Art. This is a fused glass blog on the site of David and Christine Masters. They sell glass products that they make as well as have a newsletter and some tutorials. It’s always good to wander around and see what else is out there. Next we’ll go over to Caligirl Art Glass and check out her blog. Very cute…tell me about any blogs you like to check out.


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