Tucson Gem Show – The Best Bead Show

JC Herrell - she'll be at The Best Bead Show!

JC Herrell - she'll be at The Best Bead Show!

This blog is about glass. So you may wonder about todays title. I’m introducing some of you to the Tucson Gem Show. It’s sheer madness. It’s not one show, it’s about 30-40 shows that take over Tucson, AZ for about 3 weeks during the end of January through February. You can buy just about anything relating to gems, rocks, minerals and jewelry. So what does this have to do with glass? Well, you have to go over to The Best Bead Show to see. This is the showcase show for glass bead makers. And where you find bead makers you find glass and tools and other goodies related to making glass beads. Oh yeah, there are other shows that have glass bead makers but those shows don’t have Arrow Springs or Frantz Art Glass or Double Helix or Glass Alchemy…it’s one stop shopping for all of your glass needs. Can’t wait to go…



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