Mosaic Information for 2010

2009-ValenciaIn yesterdays post I concentrated on warm and hot glass classes and possible adventures. That’s not really fair to the cold glass working techniques so here’s a little about what’s up for mosaic adventures. We’ll do stained glass in an upcoming post. The first place to visit is SAMA also known as Society of American Mosaic Artists. I must join this organization! They have a conference coming up…check out the information.


The other place I’m sending you for more mosaic information is Mosaic Atlas, a web site of mosaic related information. Not a bad thing if you’re interested in mosaic. There’s information regarding other organizations other than SAMA as well as info on artists and the magazine Mosaic Art Now. So gather up your scrap glass and stick it to something and turn it into a piece of art. The ultimate in recycling.


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    Thank you for the mention of Mosaic Art NOW, Cathi. We’re pretty excited about the next edition of the magazine which comes out in February. In the meantime, I hope you and your readers will also visit our blog at We comb the web daily to find items of interest to mosaic artists and aficionados. Check us out! Thanks again.


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