Bullseye Forum – Help with your Glass “Situations”


There’s nothing better than having a place to go to have your glass questions answered. I know I try to help when I can but I certainly don’t know everything about glass. There’s so much to know. But now Bullseye, they know just about everything there is to know about sticky glass situations. Here’s an example over at their forum.

Kerry created a piece that required multiple firings. The components needed to be fused before they were assembled and then they were tack fused together. Her piece developed a crack that actually healed itself during the process but was still visible. She submitted her situation to the forum and was given a solution. Check it out. It’s good to know you can get some technical help when you need it. Now don’t forget to check in tomorrow for the last posting of 2009. There’s a giveaway involved. But that means you have to participate.

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