Merry Christmas My Glass Friends

P1150007It’s almost Christmas here in Los Angeles…there’s glass in the kiln, cookies were baked and I’m going for a long run in the morning with my new ipod. I want to thank the folks at and all the lovely people that take the time to read my blog. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas!!

And speaking of the glass in my kiln, and not just the beads in the beading kiln, but the tiles fire polishing in my fusing kiln. They are so cool! Making them for my bathroom fix up. The picture shown is the freshly cut pieces I just retrieved from the  waterjet cutter. Perfect cuts. Better than I could do. And he can cut all kinds of shapes. Swirls and hearts and perfect circles in all sizes. But I’ll tell more about him in the new year. And there will be more pictures of the tiles and the install once it’s ready. Have a great day tomorrow!!!


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