The Flow – 5th Annual Gallery of Women in Glass

TheFlowWinter09Cover310x401At the end of each year The Flow magazine dedicates their issue to Women in Glass. And it’s out. This is their 5th annual issue on women. The issue includes tutorials and interviews with some of the new and established women in glass. Some of the ladies profiled are Sheila Collins, Phyllis McKenzie, Jean Robichaud and Leslie Silverman. Tutorials are by Karen Leonardo, Darlene Welch, Sara Sally La Grande and Kerri Fuhr, among others. Check the web site for all of the ladies they are including. And there’s a guy stuck in there too. There’s an article regarding kilns by Arnold Howard of Paragon Kilns, Observing a Kiln During Firing. Sounds like something we should all know about. And this issue of The Flow looks like something that should be in our glass library.

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