JC Herrell – These Beads and Marbles are Fantastic!!

17453_214165197559_684332559_2951713_2994301_nLet’s just start this post with JC‘s description of the beads she’s making…”Stringer intensive tube beads inspired by the prairie designs of Frank Lloyd Wright. Built on transparent colors and shaped into short, thick tubes these lines design are great to geek out on. I used box based line patterns to reflect the shape of the bead. I really dig the visual math and rhythmic patterns created by the lines.” She has these beads posted on Facebook.


I’ve written about her before and I know I’ll write about her again. Between the enamel work and the stringer control she possesses…such skill at this glass bead making thing. She’s preparing for the Best Bead Show that is coming up in early February in Tucson. Part of the larger Tucson Gem Show fiasco that takes over Tucson, AZ for 2-3 weeks each February. I’ll be writing about that soon. If you’re going go to the Best Bead Show. It is what it’s called, The Best Bead Show. Buy JC’s beads!!!!! Got to her web site…http://www.jcherrell.com/.


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