Roll ups – Glass Blowing at The Washington Glass School

process 1.JPGI picked up both of these blog posts through Bullseye’s Facebook posting. They’re from the Washington Glass School. These are pretty cool. The bacon and eggs roll up is hysterical. You do know what a roll up is, yes? For those who don’t, it’s when you take a sheet of glass, usually fused glass and roll it up to be blown. You’ll see in the pictures. It makes transferring patterns and such to glass blowing possible. A really great technique. So check out the different blog postings…process.6.JPG

The Washington Glass School is in Maryland not Washington state like most would expect. And the Washington Glass School is run out of the Washington Glass Studio. They do some pretty cool work. Or hot depending on your perspective. Isn’t funny how something hot can be so cool?07H_0707_0002_Layer 8


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    I like this. Very interesting. I am in Upstate New York and we have done tours of Corning Glass. Really interesting there too. Great post. thank you


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