Piece by Piece Art Opening at Bergamot Station

Chad's piece that sold!

Chad's piece that sold!

I’ve talked about Piece by Piece a couple of times in past blog postings. They’re the organization that teaches mosaic techniques to low income and homeless people in the Los Angeles area. I have donated glass to them and a good friend of mine, Leigh Adams teaches for them. Well, they had their first juried show held at the James Gray Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA. Bergamot Station is a complex of many galleries and to have a show there is a very prestigious event. I went to a Chihuly show there once and was able to get his autograph, but that’s a whole other story.


The show was awesome and extremely well attended. There were a number of openings going on last night at Bergamot Station. I wandered over to some of the other galleries but nothing compared to the Piece by Piece show. And the work was selling. This is the first time most of these artists have been in a gallery show. So fabulous!!



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    Wow! It’s great to know that organizations like that exist and that they are very effective in making changes for the better in our world.


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