New Hampshire Trade Beads – Harold Williams Cooney


I’ve been making beads for about 16 years. Sometimes I have to admit I’m a bit jaded. Rarely do beads really make me want one of them. I make beads, what can I say. But these beads by Harold Williams Cooney are so amazing I want one…or two… or more!! Anyone who knows me knows I never say this. These beads are obviously very labor intensive. Sand blasting with care. Check out his profile on These beads were posted on Facebook. There are more. They are amazing!! I know I said that already but they are.

On his Facebook page he says there are some of these in his ebay store…when I checked these sand blasted beads weren’t there. There are plenty of other fabulous beads but not these sand blasted beauties. Check back though, I bet there will be some soon. I want one!!



  1. Laurie says

    Sorry, I just looked at his glassartists page and, yes, he is the person whose beads I have been admiring for years. I LOVE his Zanfirico beads.


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