Tutorial Saturday – Princess Cut Bead with a Press

2005_0523a1Here’s a great bead tutorial from CattWalk.com. It’s using one of their super cool brass bead presses. I just love using presses. You can make uniform, consistent beads and alot of the time their shapes you just can’t make without a press. Like this bead – the princess cut. It’s faceted and that just doesn’t really happen without the tool. So check out their site and all of their presses…


I wasn’t always a fan of presses. I thought it was the easy way out. But the reality is that they’re not “easy” to use. They require practice and you can make many ugly misshapen beads before you get the hang of it.

2005_0523a3That’s why checking out their tutorials over at Cattwalk is a good thing.




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