Society of American Mosaic Artists – SAMA

279-From This All Flows(low res)

This weekend I’m teaching a mosaic class so I’ve got mosaic on the brain. As I was shopping around for some extra supplies I stumbled on the Society of American Mosaic Artists. On this web site I found inspiration as well as information. This is a group I’m definitely going to join. One of the pages on their site that’s alot of fun is the suppliers and resources. I plan on doing quite a bit of mosaic in the future and I’m finding tons of inspiration in the materials available.


A trip through the gallery pages shows members work and there are many different levels of expertise. Some pieces are so simple and lovely and others are these massive outdoor commissioned pieces, while others are sculptural. All very cool. I just want to glue tiles and glass to everything. Also check out the page for their conference so that if you’re a mosaic enthusiast you can plan ahead for a trip to Chicago.



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