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Looking around Facebook this evening I saw that a couple of my bead friends have posted blogs. I thought, “Should I share these with all of you?” They are bead makers that I’ve mentioned recently…but it is good to hear from them. OK, so here goes.

Margaret Zinser

Margaret Zinser

First I saw that Margaret Zinser has updated her blog. She’s such a great bead maker and has the cool tutorials so here’s a link to her blog…

Next I saw that Holly Dare Hughes had posted a new addition to the Fire Diva’s blog, so here’s that link.

And then there was Bronwen’s blog…she’s on the road again…check out her blog. I think between the three of them you should find some pretty good reading. And probably some good beads too.

Bronwen's tikis

Bronwen's tikis


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    You are the coolest person ever. You should put yourself in that list. You are always sharing and posting. We are all better for it.
    Thank you


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