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02I sell beads and fused glass. But I also buy them occasionally, as well as other jewelry making supplies. So I was searching for a local upcoming show to see when it was and stumbled upon a really great site for bead show listings. They had just about every show you could think of from coast to coast. This is good both as an exhibitor and as a buyer. We just missed the Best Bead Show in Tucson, which for glass bead makers is one of “the” shows. The fall show is smaller than February’s show but if anyone knows about Tucson in February, it’s the city for all things bead, glass, gem, fossil, you name it. There is the Whole Bead Show or the Bead Renaissance Show or the Rings and Things Bead Tour…among all the others!

Back to the show listing web site…where do you live? What are you looking for? I think you can find the information you need here. Check it out!


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    The Michigan Gemstone, Jewelry & Coin Show

    The Michigan Gemstone, Jewelry & Coin Show August 26 2012.

    Ticket Price
    Adult $5.00
    Kids under 13 Free
    Tickets Available At The Show
    Includes Free Food, Cash Bar & Entertainment

    All age show where you can find gemstones and jewelry.
    You can find items that you will not find any where else.

    Precious gemstones, fine jewelry, beads, crystals, minerals, coins, fossils, cutting rough, findings, and lapidary supplies, gem faceting, silversmithing, wire wrapping, lapidary tools, jewelry equipment, precious metals & jewelry making supplies.

    August 26 2012
    The International Banquet Center
    400 Monroe Street
    Detroit Michigan

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    Hi, Anyone interested in a Variety of shows in California & Vegas, check out this site – they often have Free or discounted admission tickets. The ones listed are:
    Bead Society Shows
    Gem Faire,
    International Gem & Jewelry Shows
    Quilt & Weaver Shows
    Note: listing only come up about 5 days prior to the show so check back often.

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    Next shows are July: San Mateo Favorite Bead Show, San Rafael Gem Faire & August: The 13th Annual Bead Bazaar in San Diego, San Diego Gem Faire


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