Mosaic Tile Guide – The Go-to Site for all Things Mosaic


I’ve got a mosaic class coming up and I’ve been searching around the internet looking for sources of information I can provide my students to expand their knowledge. I also pass alot of this information onto my readers here. Today we’re going to Mosaic Tile Guide. They have more information than you need to know about mosaics. Supplies, how-to’s, a great gallery page for inspiration…a forum where you can talk to other mosaic artists, so you can find out any answers that may crop up in your mosaic pursuits.


Today I was at a fund raiser for my good friend Leigh Adams, an extraordinary mosaic artist and saw the final piece she made for the Howeeduzzit Gallery. It was glass on glass mosaic and it also lights up. I’ll be posting a tutorial about this sign in the upcoming days. And if you have any other questions about mosaic you can always go back to Mosaic Tile Guide.

Butterfly rose blue w lettering

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