Playing with Glass Blocks…Pate de Verre

Self portait of Cynthia

Self portait of Cynthia

Pate de verre is glass casting using crushed glass also known as frit. The result is a soft, translucent glass that is so beautiful. You’ve seen it in Daum and Lalique glass. Through the Bullseye site I stumbled upon Cynthia Morgan and thank goodness. What a source of information about glass and pate de verre. I personally haven’t been all that interested in doing it. I appreciate the work and the effort it takes to create even the smallest piece. After checking out Cynthia’s blog I’m alot more interested in trying it out. rustsamples

The blog post I’m sending you to is about color testing. Check out the glass blocks she made. I want them in my bathroom! But the blog post is educational. No really…it isn’t just eye candy. Also, check out the other blogs she’s interested in. So much more information. If you’re like me, the more you can learn about glass the better. So here’s a great source for more info!


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