Glass Fusing Tutorial: Wire Mesh Melt

WireMeshMelt_FossilThis is so cool! Here’s a tutorial on how to do a wire mesh melt. The result is awesome and a great way to utilize scrap glass to get interesting pieces that can later be turned into tiles, bowls, jewelry…the possibilities are endless! The tutorial is provided by the kind folks at Clearwater Glass Studio. I’ve mentioned them before regarding a tutorial on how to make pattern bars. WireMeshMelt_1

The glass is stacked on metal wire mesh and when heated it flows down and pools to form patterns that are truly one of a kind. I’m always looking for ways to make things that are unique and this is perfect. I want to cut the finished glass up and use the pieces for tiles in my bathroom. What would you do with your wire mesh melt?



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    This is such a neat way to get pieces for jewelry, cut the pieces then cold work them and do a fire polish and you have a lot of great cabs each one different. Or break them up for mosaic art, they would be great for that too.

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    I love this idea and this look. I’m searching for the wire mesh–it would be great if you told us where you bought it. Also, the link to Clearwater Glass Studio doesn’t work. I can’t wait to try this myself!

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    It’s been awhile since I posted this. It looks like wire you can get at Home Depot but I would also try a smaller hardware store like an Ace or Do It Best center. Check in the ventilation area. Hope this helps.

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