Fused Glass in Austin, TX: Helios Kiln Glass Studio

fused glass for stained glass artistsIf you’ve been reading my little blog here you’ll know I’m planning on opening up my own glass studio. I even think I’ve come up with the name but I’ll mention that in another writing. So I find myself wandering the web look at different studios and noting what I like and sometimes, but rarely , don’t like. I really like this place and think that if I was in Austin I’d spend alot of my time here. It’s the Helios Kiln Glass Studio. Check it out…

There are bunches of great classes, studio time, supplies…good glass times for all. You can learn about pot melts, hot mosaics, cold working glass…I could go on. Check out their web site and if you find yourself in Austin, Texas check this place out. Then go get some barbecue.HOT MOSAICS 06


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    Christian Aunts and Uncles is holding a faith-based art show, the theme is “Recovery”. People can recover from many things, such as: addiction, loss of family a member, PTSD, etc. All are welcome to participate in the art show! There will be a variety of different art styles and types featuring mosaics, paintings, fabrics, watercolors, photographs, jewelry, fused glass, clay, wood, mixed media and more.

    We here at the CANA gallery would like to invite you, your family and
    friends to view the work of God through the thought provoking and awe inspiring art on display. We would also like to invite them to participate in the art show:

    (Deadline Dates)
    All applications due on March 31st
    Deliver art submissions by April 8th
    Art booth and display set-up by April 20th

    (Event Dates)
    Art booths: April 21st, 22nd and 23rd
    Art Show: April 21st – May 28th
    Auction Date: May 28th

    Email us for more information
    (512) 897-9699 (work cell)

    Christian Aunts & Uncles, Inc.
    Cana Gallery
    7801 North Lamar Blvd.
    Bldg. C, Suite 53
    Austin, TX 78752

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