Tutorial Information for Mosaics

bbbbbarbie-dollsHere I go again looking around for cool tutorials to share with you guys. Today I’m looking at mosaic information. I found a pretty cool web site with videos of how-tos. It’s eHow videos and the mosaic page is very full of stuff to watch. This video is on what good substrates to use. There are many videos to watch, just search around to see if you can find what you may feel you need to learn. I know sometimes I have a question about what’s the best glue or how thick should my grout be. Well here’s a good place to find out some of those things. The videos are short so you don’t really have to worry about getting bored.End-of-Summer

Now for some eye candy. What a great site for inspiration! Check out Big Bang Mosaics, mosaic art by Cynthia Fisher. Great work. Cool ideas. Fantastic inspiration!through_the_Seasons


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