Tutorial Saturday!! A Cool Star Bead

step22I’m spending this Saturday night at the torch. I’ve got a quiet evening home alone so I thought I’d get some bead making in. I wanted to try new things and I searched for some beads to make from tutorials around the world wide web…first one is a star bead on Lampwork etc. If you haven’t been to Lampwork etc. you’re missing a very informative web site that’s pretty much all about beads and how to make them and market them. It’s a place to go to pose a question…or find a tutorial. Check this out. And a big thanks to Jacinthe the poster of this tutorial. I’m going to make my version. I’ll show you how it turns out tomorrow, after all it’s got to anneal in the kiln.step8


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    Love it….. it reminds me of a snowflake….
    can you make it in blue and white?????
    Want it!!! (I collect snowflakes for my Christmas tree!!!)

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    I made one a little while ago. It’s in the kiln. I used ink blue and Double Helix Triton. I think it’s going to look amazing. This is not my style of bead but it was kind of cool to make. I’m in experimental mode right now. Let’s see what’s next…I’m posting a picture of it tomorrow.

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