Treasury on Etsy of the Cutest Glass Animal Beads…

il_430xN.83333335I am the biggest fan of etsy. Disclaimer…I sell on etsy. I love it because it’s a fabulous forum for handmade artists to sell their wares. You create your own store that you stock and sell out of. If you haven’t gone there you need to, as a buyer or seller.il_430xN.84566111

One of the cool things you can do on etsy is put together treasuries of your favorite items. A treasury is a section on the web site that profiles the favorite items of the different sellers. There can be anywhere from 333-600+ treasuries at any given time. New treasuries can’t be added until the list drops below 333. I just put one together that profiles glass bead makers (my people). All cute critters. Little animal beads made of glass that made me smile. They made me laugh. They made me want to get on the torch. Let me know what you think of them. I’ve posted a few of them here.il_430xN.77104807


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