Fabulous Fused Glass Tutorial: Pattern Bars

pb_tutorial_bluestreakdetail3Fused glass pattern bars are a great way to really personalize your work. Even if you repeat the recipe each one will be slightly different and more one of a kind. I like that in glass work. It’s so easy for a lot of glass fusings to begin to look alike. So I found this great tutorial on how to make fused glass pattern bars and then fuse them together. There is no one way to make pattern bars but this one is a good place to start if you haven’t done it before. I found it on the web site Clear Water Glass Studio. Such amazing glass work!! The artist whose site it is, is Steve Immerman. Read more about him.patternbar2

And when you’re done checking out the site look at the tutorial. The possibilities are endless with what can be done. What are your favorite colors? What’s the feeling you want to create? You can take the resulting bars and cut the slices and use them for another fused piece or use the slices as tiles for a mosaic or tiles in a bathroom. How about jewelry? They can be set in silver or metal clay or drill a hole, add a jump ring and there’s a pendant. If you try this I’d love to see what you do. Send pictures. It’s such a cool project!


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