A Place to Sell Your Handmade Glass Beads – JustBeads.com

header_logoAre you a glass bead maker? Do you need a place to sell your beads? Have you seen justbeads.com? It’s the perfect place to sell your beads since that’s all they sell. Or do you need to buy beads? They have all kinds, not just glass. But we’re here to talk about glass. So we’re talking about glass beads. Justbeads.com is an auction site similar to ebay but you can sell “Buy it Now” style too. I’ve started selling there as an additional place other than my favorite on-line sales venue, etsy.com. I figure the more places out there the more opportunities to sell. And I don’t know about you other bead makers but I make most of my beads to sell. Oh, and for the sheer joy of it too. Let me know what you think about the different places to sell your beads. Everyday there seems to be more places. Which are the best? What works for you?


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    Etsy has been good to me. I’ve never tried just beads, but I know others who have and really like it. I might have to venture in there this fall!

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