Tutorial: Turn Glass Beads into Cabochons with Glass Fusing

finished1I was looking for some interesting tutorials to share with you guys. Especially something that blends two glass crafts. So here’s a tutorial on how to take your glass beads and fuse them into cabochons. It’s on GwacieBeads.com. Too cool. I’ve got plenty of beads that look good on one side but…the other side has an oops on it. Can’t sell that guy. Can’t even stick it in a piece of jewelry for the family. What to do? Fuse it into a cab that can be set in silver or metal clay or even wire wrapped. Or how about made into a magnet or something?

I’ve got some fusing to do for a macramé curtain I’m making and fortunately I’ll be using 104 glass so I’m going to give this a try later with some of my oops beads. Perhaps there sill be pictures tomorrow. I might even fuse a cupcake bead to see what happens. It’s always good to experiment to see what happens. You may end up with something totally cool…and if not you can always turn it into frit, but that’s another tutorial.finished2


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