Largest Permanent Chihuly Installation at Children’s Museum

My sister lives in Indianapolis and has been trying to bribe my kids with a visit to the children’s museum as a way to get us to fly across the country.

As I was searching the internet for ‘glass fireworks’ this afternoon to celebrate new years eve here, look what I came up with…

Fireworks of Glass. The largest permanent Chihuly installation made of over 3,200 pieces of glass and 43 feet tall! And it’s at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

I’m rethinking my reluctance to travel.

What about you? Would you travel to see something like this? Oh. And see family?

I hope your New Year’s Eve is filled with fireworks!  Be safe!


  1. Nicole says

    I have seen this in person and if it wasnt for the kids dragging us on to other stuff I would have been there for hours looking at all the different shpaes of glass and colors. They even have layed back seats at the bottom that turn in a circle, real slow so you can see all the bottom pieces that were placed by the desinger piece by piece in presice places. So beautiful!!!!!!

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